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2023 Thai IT Hiring Trends

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Although there is strong demand in Thailand for all IT skills, here are some specific IT hiring trends for 2023.

There continues to be high demand in Thailand for technically strong IT Professionals. (Despite the shortage of qualified candidates, the demand is almost exclusively for Thai nationals because of restrictions on foreigners working in Thailand.)

For Programmers and Programmer / Analysts, Python and Java (across all platforms) and Kotlin (especially for mobile apps), still top the list of development skills that employers are looking for.

Front-end experience with React and Angular remains very marketable, but we’ve also seen a recent uptick in projects using Flutter.

Data Analysis is another job function with consistent demand. SQL-Server and PL/SQL are, of course, fundamental skills, but knowledge of specific BI (Business Intelligence) and data management tools such as Tableau, Cognos, or Apache Spark get extra attention from employers. Python also has a place in Data Science, which adds to the demand (and short supply) of developers who can code in it.

Although we get frequent requests for RPA (Robotic Process Automation) experience, this is still mostly focused on projects to eliminate paperwork and add efficiency, not yet on adding AI (Artificial Intelligence) capabilities to software-mediated workflow. Although some companies are starting to explore AI for their business applications, in Thailand this is still in its early stages.

We also see continued interest in candidates with DevOps skills, but somewhat less than last year when it was one of the ‘must have’ hires for many big IT departments.

Full-stack programmer” is definitely now the most common (and overused) phrase in job descriptions for software development. It basically means developers who have the scope to work on all aspects of an application, including both front- and back-end functionality, database access, as well as an understanding of middleware tools and web server configuration. If they are versatile enough to work with more than one programming language, so much the better. 

There is a seemingly endless demand for candidates with QA and Testing experience, especially with Automated tools such as Selenium, Appium, JMeter, Cypress, Cucumber, etc. Experienced testers should also be familiar with bug tracking software, such as Jira or one of many similar products. Python is also used in the testing environment, adding to the demand for that skill.

Business analysts are also still a staple of most IT departments, and the role can be a good transition path for people with a functional business background (such as accountants, credit analysts, logistics managers, HR staff, etc.) who want to move into IT.

Cybersecurity jobs tend to be senior positions, so even though most large companies try to employ someone with responsibility for that function, it is typically just one or two people.

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