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Why Use a Recruiter?

ISM... #1 Tech Recruiter in Thailand
With thousands of IT job openings in the market, ISM can give you the most choices.


Fixed-term contract? Permanent staff position? With thousands of IT job openings in the market, you can’t be aware of every potential opportunity on your own.

We know you’re busy and probably get calls every week from recruiters trying to convince you to make a move. So why should you listen to us?


Why choose ism?

Most agencies are “generalists” and don’t specialize in a specific industry or job type. But ISM only handles IT jobs, so you can focus on relevant job opportunities and decide which ones are right for you. And with our reputation for business ethics you can be confident that we will never send your resume to a client without getting your permission first.

If you’re looking for a high-paying contract through an outsourcing agency, you want to be sure that the agency paying you is 100% compliant with the law and is rock-solid financially. In over 30 years of operation ISM has never missed a payroll to its contractors.

Get in touch with us today to ask about the latest job opportunities, or just to ask us for career advice. We’re always happy to hear from you!

Why Use A Recruiter (jobseekers)

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