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The information in this report reflects salaries currently being paid by multinational companies in Thailand for permanent staff who are Thai nationals with a reasonable (or better) command of English.

  • “Experience” refers to total years of IT work experience, not just experience with that specific skill
  • “Salary” is basic monthly salary only. Many companies also pay an annual bonus of at least one month salary, or more for good performance.
  • Additional benefits often include health insurance and, for the larger companies, employer contributions to a provident fund.
  • Senior management positions may include a car or transport allowance, company laptop, and mobile phone.

Strong Java skills, across all platforms, still tops the list of what employers are looking for in Programmers and Programmer/Analysts...   if they are versatile enough to work with more than one programming language, so much the better.

… Another area where we expect to see growing demand is experience with new technology for financial services, or “Fintech”…

Fixed-term contracting, as an alternative to “permanent” employment, is continuing to become a more viable alternative for many IT professionals and employers.

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