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How We Work

How We Work

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ISM is always on the lookout for good talent. We don’t wait until a client asks us to fill a specific job… our mission is to maintain a database with updated resumes of every skilled IT professional in Thailand (as well as the resumes of non-Thai candidates with a proven interest in working here). That way, we can respond to our customers’ needs quickly and with the right people.

We fill technical, analytical, and managerial jobs at all levels, from Programmer and System Engineer, to Business Analyst, to CIO and CTO roles. For the IT industry itself we also provide executive search services, placing Account Executives, Sales Directors, and Country Managers with major multinational vendors.

Because all of our work is with IT, telecommunications, and engineering positions, we can fully understand the technical aspects of our clients’ needs. We can comfortably work with either the hiring manager or the Human Resource department to make sure you only meet candidates with the specific skills required.



Lance Stanford, Vice President
TCC Holding Co., Ltd.