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Programmer (Java and Microservices)

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Job Type


Experience Required

3 - 5 Years


50,000 - 80,000

Job description

  • Developed and maintained Java applications.
  • Implemented unit test cases and automated unit testing procedures with JUnit, significantly improving code quality and reliability.
  • Collaborated with frontend teams to integrate various technologies such as Angular, React, and Vue into the software stack, enhancing user experience and interface design.
  • Utilized Agile development methodologies to iteratively deliver features and improvements, facilitating rapid development cycles and customer feedback incorporation.
  • Conducted thorough code reviews and investigations to identify and resolve issues, ensuring software stability and functionality.
  • Defined data flow between integrated applications and mapped business process activities to supporting applications, streamlining workflow and enhancing efficiency.
  • Maintained and refreshed development tool stacks to optimize development speed and application quality, promoting tool usage across teams as needed.


  • At least 3 years of experience in both Senior and Junior Programmer/Developer roles.
  • Proficient in performing root-cause analysis and preliminary problem diagnosis to identify and resolve issues effectively.
  • Strong programming skills in Java, Micro Service, Cloud (Optional).


   Ref. Code: CTR03